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Rebate Real Estate Agents

Utah discount real estate agents are the perfect alternative to the typically high priced 6 percent brokers. Our HALF PRICE commission structure keeps your money, in your pocket, while providing you with exceptional full service from full-time professional Realtors. Property sales are increasing and sellers are gaining traction. According to the Utah Association of Realtors and active agents through out the valley, Utah residential home sale prices and the average dollars per square foot received are on the rise, while the number of days a house sits on the market is quickly declining. With interest rates at historical lows, home prices steadily increasing for the past six months, the cost of renting well above the cost of owning, and our commissions reduced fifty percent below our competitors, now is the time to take advantage of the market and receive true value when purchasing real estate. Commission savings up to 50% are a reality for home buyers and sellers utilizing our Utah discount Realtors.

Utah Home Buyer Rebates

These days it seems like every real estate website claims to have "The Best" home search tool in the industry with exclusive proprietary technology. Like most home buyers and sellers in today's market you've likely browsed through many real estate websites and have come to the conclusion that all agent and broker websites are pulling the same info (active homes for sale) from the exact same source (Utah's MLS) therefor producing the same home search results. Our discount real estate agents realize being associated with another brokerage and a website offering users the capability to shop for homes is no longer enough to set us apart from our competition. The selection of homes a buyer has available to choose from is identical from brokerage to brokerage and a brokerages ability to provide a seller's home the online exposure necessary to maximize the seller's net is no longer exclusive to the industry giants. The internet has leveled the playing field and allows small, yet savvy boutique brokerages such as the ability to compete with the international behemoth brokerage firms. Value is difficult to find in today's world, especially in an industry controlled by salesmen, so we focus on service and savings, not sales to deliver a truly valuable experience. We have a complete understanding of the local market and recognize the immediate need to offer alternative pricing structures to buyers and sellers in our local real estate market. Our Utah discount Realtors provide better service at half the price.