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Half Price Real Estate Agents

Half price real estate agents offer excellent service and superior value to their customers. We operate differently then the majority of Utah real estate agents, who take a full three percent commission for the sale of a home. While most Realtors simply pocket the commission and move on to their next sale, our Half price real estate agents rebate 50% of the commission earned back to their home buyers.

Working with UtahHalfPrice.com is simple. Our comprehensive MLS Utah home search allows buyers to easily locate properties that meet all their new home needs. Once buyers have found a home they are interested viewing they can contact one our experienced agents to schedule a showing and assistance at every phase of the home buying process. We provide a complete list of experienced mortgage officers, inspectors, and appraisers that will help ensure that our buyers and sellers make good real estate decisions. Offering a high level of service to our clients throughout the home buying and MLS listing process is our number one priority. Our half price real estate agents are happy to give you 50% of their commission.

Half Price Realtors

Our HALF PRICE REALTORS are full-time licensed real estate agents that provide our home buyers and sellers everything (probably more) a typical Utah brokerage offers but the difference is we deeply discount at 50% off the industry standard agent commissions. We believe finding a home should be an easy and hassle free experience that doesn't completely diminish all your finances. When you're ready to buy or sell your next home in Utah, you owe it to yourself and your family to at least speak with us. We will never push you to sign any contracts or try to lock you in like by signing on the dotted line. We recently rebated $9,540 to a home buyer in North Salt Lake. Can you afford to just give that kind of money away to a Realtor??? Give UtahHalfPrice.com a call and see how much you'll SAVE on the purchase or sale of your next home when you work with one of our experienced Utah half price Realtors.